Sailboat Racing

Sailboat racing sport is one of fun, excitement and strategy. Not only are the participants competing against each other, but they are also up against the wind. One’s sailing knowledge and abilities, which he has gathered with time and experience or learnt at sailing schools, will be put to test at these sailboat races. The prime focus of this page is to teach you the basics of racing sailboats.

Sailboat racing sport covers a wide range. These sailboat races may include a solo person dinghy racing to large boats with around 20 crew members. The costs of participating in the sailboat racing can be expensive a times. However, there are some low-cost ways to get involved in sailboat racing. For example, there are community sailing clubs and local sailing schools where classes are offered by local recreation organizations. Some inexpensive dinghy and small catamaran are used to hold the classes. Additionally, in some parts of the world like the Interscholastic Sailing Association in the USA and some parts of Canada, the high schools and colleges offer sailboat racing programs, teaching their students the basic racing rules of sailing.

Sailboat racing sport is one of the few sports in which people of all ages and genders come together to compete with and against each other. Most sailboat racing takes place in coastal or inland waters. The participant should be well aware about the sailboat racing rules before they start. The solo VELUX 5 Oceans Race, Volvo Ocean Race and the non-stop solo Vendée Globe as some of the most extreme and dangerous among Sailboat racing sport. Participants have to compete for days with little rest. Moreover, they may also have to deal with an unexpected weather conditions like storm, any equipment failure, or collision with an ice floe. These can cause the sailboat to be disabled or sunk hundreds or thousands of miles from search and rescue.

The sport of Sailboat racing is administrated by the International Sailing Federation. The racing rules of sailing under which competitors race can be found on the ISAF web site.

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