Open A Sailing School

Sailing is a favorite sport and recreational pastime enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe. The wide expanse of open water along with a soft breeze is a form of meditation for some, while a competitive sport for others. Most of these sailors have enrolled, or will in the near future enroll themselves at sailing schools. Provided that now you have enough sailing experience and, better yet, a sailing instructor's certificate, then you can think of opening sailing school. But, how to open a sailing school? If you have no clue, read on to know all about how to start sailing school.

Once you have made up your mind to open sailing school, you will realize that this business is very straightforward one. It does not even necessitate you to have your own sailboat. You can hire boats or contract with boat owners for use of instruction boats. You can even give sailing training to students who already have a sailboat.

The next step in opening sailing school is to develop the right curriculum for the course. Having a national certificate can make this step easier. You can follow the standard course materials taught to you earlier. Generally sailing school courses are made of two elements: theory and practical. While the theory comprises of the basic navigation, the practical consists of the on-the-water training. Generally, these courses are carried over a two- to three-day period on a full-time basis. For the part-time students, the course may take up to a two- to three-week period. One should secure an insurance policy that specifies liability for rental and instruction before opening sailing school.

Another important step when you open sailing school is to select the suitable course materials which may include text books, log books and exams. It is better to prepare promotional materials such as brochures and advertisements before you start sailing school. Always contact state and local authorities to find out if they need licenses and permits.

Now you are all set to open sailing school and are ready for business. Enrolling only about 25 students per year can generate a very decent income. What are you waiting for? Go right ahead and open a sailing school!

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