Experience Sailing in Turkey

When it comes to sailing, Turkey has come of age, no destination matches the Turkish carpets, vast choices of the sailing areas, and the much talked about belly dancing culture. Any one thinking about flotilla sailing, Turkey must top the destination list. It’s an experience, a mixture of modernity and conventional coastal villages. One gets to cruise on blue waters, on steady wind, along the beautiful beaches. The opportunity to swim or snorkel and also jump over the side.

Turkey is tucked in between the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black sea with river Euphrates almost cutting it in the middle. This gives a glimpse of how stretched the sailing experience can be.

Fethiye to Olympos voyage

Turkey presents the world a unique sailing experience over its blue waters at the Carian or Lycian Coasts. A trip to Turkey is never complete without cruising the gullet (traditional wooden yacht), normally between Demre (Kale) and Fethiye. The amazing sailing experience in Turkey has come to inherit the name “Fethiye to Olympos voyage”. The sail boats start the journey from Kale, and the trip to Olympos takes about 11/2 hours mainly by bus.

From Fethiye, boats stop at butterfly Valley and Oludeniz, they then make a stop at Kas, Kekova and Kalkan with the final stop at Gokkaya Bay. An alternative route is Marmaris-Fethiye which many travelers are not fond of. All the trips take about four nights and three days, full of adventure and exploration.

The sail boats are fully loaded to offer the most amazing hospitality, nearly everything one would require: toilets, showers, comfortable double cabins, and even booze if need be. Sometimes sharing the boats and the facilities are part of the experience, but for those looking for privacy may look for better alternatives. Every traveler gets to enjoy a sleep on the deck on specially designed mattresses, and modern air-conditioners.

What to do to get the most out of the experience

• Talk to other travellers and ask for recommendations
• Inspect the booked boat and if possible view the guest list
• It’s wise to go for a crew that speaks English
• Noisy diesel engine is not the thing; ask if the boats use sails

What to avoid to get the best experience

• Avoid buying the tickets from Istanbul; it attracts commission agents and pensions
• Do not take the boat because it is leaving now/today and it has a chance
• Free water sports may not be the best option since they may lack insurance
• Pay only on the very day the trip begins, the weather may not be predictable

Sailing in Turkey offer such a great experience, the choices are wide, the trips are long and the facilities are available. The world there is amazing and there is an endless list of things to do, activities, both for the kids and the adults. When looking forward to long term holiday, sailing in Turkey will give the opportunity to burn down that time creatively without regrets. The best time to visit is between July-August, when many people from the world over come to take part in the most challenging and unique sailing experience. Book for your turkey visa while planning to have the best experience sailing.


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