Different Types Of Sails

You will come across many types of sails used all around the world. They will look different and are meant to do completely different things. At the sailing schools, you will always hear about the role of these kinds of sails in sailing.

Described below arte the different sail types:

The Mainsail
A traditional modern sailing boat is technically called a "Bermuda sloop" which is any boat that has a solitary mast and generally a single main sail. The function of these types of sails is to power the entire boat to move and these are actually the work horse of the entire boat. These kinds of sails need to be properly trimmed and optimized to get the most out of them. Depending on the direction of the boat and the wind, the main sail will have to be trimmed constantly, in order to keep the boat going at optimum efficiency and maximum speed. The main sail is roughly triangular in shape. Other types of sloops are gaff-rigged sloops and lateen sloops.

The Genoa/Gib
If a sailing vessel has two masts it may be a schooner, a ketch, or a yaw. The Genoa are the secondary types of sails which provide the extra turning power and speed. On close reaches, these sail types speed up the boat considerably as it is like the mainsail, but not on a boom. The shape of the entire sail is curved, thus making it more aerodynamic than the main sail, which allows faster speed. The Genoa too must also be constantly trimmed for optimum results. According to the kinds of sails, a schooner may have any number of masts. In both a ketch and a yawl, the foremost mast is tallest and the main mast, while the rear mast is shorter, and called the mizzen mast.

The Spinnaker/Gennaker
The Spinnakers are large bag shaped types of sails that are attached to the boat by a pole on the boom. These kinds of sails are much larger sails and work on a run, broad reach and beam reach. These sails pull the boat along when the wind pushes it.

Knowing the above different types of sail is very important for any sailor. You can learn more about them and understand how they work practically in sailing schools. It is essential to able to optimize the various kinds of sails correctly so as to get the maximum power from them.

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