Sailing Schools For Women

Sailing requires both technical skill as well as a strong will with endurance. Although it is commonly dominated by men, more and more women are showing rising interest in this sport. They have taken their passion for sailing and made it into a lifestyle of promising adventure and self discovery. The rising number of sailing schools for women is a testimony to this statement. These women sailing schools are specifically geared toward offering their special students a hands-on approach, which is both empowering and instructional.

One of the well known sailing schools for women is located in Annapolis, Maryland. As a women sailing school, it offers a number of different courses to adapt to the beginners as well as more advanced sailors. The women students are taught advanced skills such as coastal and night time navigation. They also learn how to handle rough seas and high winds.

Sail Yourself Home, another sailing school for women covers the use of safety gear, boat control, and overboard events, among other necessary skills. Students are expected to live on the boat during this time. They can use the company’s sailboat or use their own boat.

Another of the famous sailing schools for women is the Herizen Life Adventures International. This sailing school for women is run by women and caters only to women. The female student snot only get trained in sailing but also get courses in self-awareness and yoga.

Among women sailing schools, Her Ladyship is well known for offering sailing courses to women, teaching them the basics as well as how a diesel engine works. The students are also offered combined courses on yoga and sailing. They live aboard and learn the terminology, wind awareness, and essential steering maneuvers. They can also go for slightly more advanced skills like trimming sails and anchoring procedures. Successful students also get a certification.

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